Genesys Cloud

Cloud solution built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology providing a safe environment, whose performance is always adjusted according to the needs of the customer.

Genesys Cloud is a new addition to our offer of solutions. This platform eliminates the need for multiple systems and applications. We are talking about an all-in-one type of solution, which offers standardized quality and experience across all communication channels. It uses a joint interface for routing various interaction types, i.e., voice, chat, email, SMS, etc., making the agents’ workload and utilisation easy to control. At the same time, it is possible to ensure delivering conversations to those agents who are ready and best skilled for working with them. With a minimum time required for initial training, real-time (voice calls and chat) and asynchronous conversations (text messages, email, and social media) can easily be combined.

The cloud solution is built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology. This provides a safe environment, whose performance is always adjusted according to the needs of the customer without having to own an expensive and demanding hardware.

A modern communications solution at your fingertips

Intelligent routing of communication for all channels, interactive scripts for Customer Experinece (CX) teams, business data, real-time and history tracking – all of these and much more within one modern solution.

Simple to use

All state-of-the-art call centre functions are available via a modern and intuitive graphical interface, directly from the browser.

One server is enough

Contrary to the traditional call centre, which requires a complex supporting infrastructure and often demanding network settings, Genesys Cloud needs just one, almost maintenance-free integration server.

Intelligent overviews

From the available operational data, Genesys Cloud automatically creates interactive overviews – from general overviews at the highest level to detailed analyses. This way, reacting to the current situation the contact centre managers can be more flexible.

You know what you are buying

The licences are divided into three levels according to the services provided and your organisation’s needs.

Working with people, for people

Integrated collaborative applications enable your employees to communicate efficiently with one another, using phone, chat, making videocalls and teleconferences, or sharing other resources, which makes resolution of customer requests faster and easier.

Access anytime, from anywhere

There is no need to install anything, users can safely access the system from the comfort of their homes – including voice services. (Support: Chrome + Firefox).


The Genesys cloud infrastructure based on the Amazon Web Services ensures allocation of system resources as per needed. At the same time, it enables to simply purchase additional licences and services, depending on the variable needs of your call centre – within seconds.

Easy integration with systems

Already the basic version of Genesys Cloud supports the integration with a number of CRM applications, such as SalesForce and Zendesk, or authentication via MS Active Directory. It further offers RESTful API with high security options, enabling an easy integration with other enterprise systems.

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