Our contact center has been running on Genesys platform with technology outsourced to ALCASYS since February 1, 2011. Transition to Genesys platform Alcatel-Lucent OXE along with the integration of WebGAD within our CRM Workflow significantly simplified operator’s work. We have achieved decrease in time necessary for request resolution, which is highly appreciated by our customers.


One of our key services is our on call customer assistance – hotline. We chose ALCASYS as a partner in the implementation of this service, who provided Genesys platform-based solution based on our requirements. On average we handle over a hundred complex customer requests every day (which triples in the period of annual closings or immediately after implementation of regulatory changes).


With the help of ALCASYS we have built a modern Contact Center for both public and our sales network. Our contact center is equipped with the state-of -the-art technology based on Genesys platform, which makes it a multi-media contact center supporting all sorts of communication channels (voice, e-mail, fax, SMS, web, voice messages). System functionalities tailored precisely to our needs allow us to maintain high level of flexibility and security, increase reachability and speed up processing of inbound interactions.


To satisfy the request for technical support team accessibility coming from one of our customers, we had to implement a contact center system in multiple locations with lowest possible impact to our current infrastructure. Therefore, we decided to use the Cloud Contact Centre service by ALCASYS, which provides us with all benefits of a contact center, such as high availability, and calls recording. Thanks to the cloud, we minimized the investment cost and now we are able to flexibly increase number of technical support agents.


Together with ALCASYS we performed technological upgrade of contact center components, as well as implementation of new services, such as outbound calls, e-mail communication, chat, and integration of a contact center with a CRM system.
One of the challenges was integration of existing infrastructure with new components so that there would be no impact on running operations. This was successfully achieved and all transition to new technology was very smooth.